Can I request seats in a specific section or area?




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    Matt Miller

    Where typically are your seats located in these venues?

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    Hey there, Matt -We've had fans sit anywhere from the 50 yard line to the upper level to see the Falcons play but seat location always will vary based on the partner and the demand for the game. The beautiful thing is you're guaranteed a seat! 

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    Tobie Shelley

    Is there a way to guarantee good seats? Like are seats given out first come first serve or is it a random lottery?

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    Jazz is forever

    What about for those who have disabilities or have a health concern a to sit in certain places to feel more comfortable safe for anxiety or something like that

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    Hey Jazz is forever - if a member needs accessibility seating, they are able to take their INWEGO ticket to the box office and request this. We cannot make the request in the INWEGO app at this time, but it's definitely something we're looking into.

    Also, a lot of our events have no assigned seats at all -- general admission concerts, food festivals, comedy shows, etc.

    Our support team is always available at to help answer any questions on an event by event basis too.

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