Is there a fee if I don't attend an event where I reserved a ticket?

We want make sure you to have the ultimate in flexibility to attend events, but we also want to ensure that other fans can attend the event if you reserve a ticket and then determine you can't make it.

As such, we have the following late cancellation and no show policies:

  • Up to 24 hours before an event, you can cancel up to 3 tickets for free per subscription period. Canceling beyond this limit is $5/ticket.
  • In between 24 to 2 hours before an event, cancelling a ticket is $10/ticket.
  • Beginning 2 hours before an event, you can no longer cancel, and if you don't check in by the end of the event it'll be $20/ticket.
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    Carl White

    Wow, that is a brutal policy. Do not get me wrong, I understand why you have it but some of us do not make plans 12 hours before an event. Heck, I do not make plans 12 minutes before an event. This is what would probably keep me from signing up for your service.

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