How do I pause my INWEGO subscription?

What does it mean to pause my subscription?
Pausing your subscription is a good option if you're planning on ​heading out of town for a while, or have a busy few months ahead. While your subscription is paused, you will be charged a fee of $5/month. You are welcome to keep your subscription paused for as long as you like and there is no additional fee when you reactivate your subscription. While​ your subscription is paused, you will not be able to attend any events through INWEGO, but you can still browse to see what events are available.
How do I pause my subscription?
To pause your subscription, in the app go to Settings > Manage Subscription > Pause Subscription. The pause will go into effect at the start of your next billing cycle. Please note you will need to pause your account 3 days prior to your next billing cycle to avoid being charged the normal $29 monthly amount.

How do I reactivate my paused subscription?
After pausing, you can resubscribe anytime through the Settings menu in the app. Or, simply reserve a spot to an event and you will be prompted to reactivate your subscription. If you reactivate before your first $5/month charge, your subscription will continue will be like you never left. If you reactivate after you've already begun to receive the $5/month charge, a brand new billing cycle will begin for you on that date.
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